So earlier this week I went back and forth with another blogger and was asked how did I choose my content for my blog. I don’t think I necessarily chose my content. I feel like I woke up on day and decided to share with the world the different things I would write in my journal on the daily basis. The individual blogs that I’ve followed for years, even the ones who I recently started following; all started with a “introduction blog.” Introduced themselves, mentioned what they like, where are they from and some even mentioned the type of blogs they would write about. I literally woke up, set up my blog and went straight into the issues I had with colorism. Lol It was one of those things where I was just fed up (stay with me here, I’m getting to my point). 
So the blogger and I began to talk about basically the content of our blogs. What we seem to write about most. He then mentioned that he will try to write more for clicks (which there is nothing wrong with that), but I literally just write to write. I would just speak my mind in hopes hopes that people will feel me, like my material, learn something and maybe share it. That gets me to my point. 
The featured image that I shared is a prime example of what people do for clicks. That’s a type of blogging that I wouldn’t get into. That’s content that I know I will always leave untouched. You completely disrespect someone for absolutely no reason, but I can’t completely blame this “writer” because you’re going to put out material that people like. Drama sells. It’s almost like people live for reading about the bad in people’s lives to make themselves feel a little bit better about their life. I don’t have a particular “content” for my blog. You’ll come to my page and read about a little bit of everything but what I won’t do is degrade and belittle people for clicks. I know there are plenty more bloggers and individuals who do this, so I have nothing against this particular one it was just the first that I saw. I’m not saying I’m a better person because I don’t post this type of material, I’m not saying my blog is better, I’m just saying there are plenty of ways to grab writers without devaluing individuals. 
Now do I know that this puts me in jeopardy of not getting a lot of traffic? Absolutely. But I trust by writing enough good material individuals will come to read it regardless. I know some people will say “well she’s a Kardashian, technically this headline is true,” but you’re no better for posting something like this. Like at all. No matter what you say to try and validate it. 
That’s just my 2 cents for the day. Have a Happy Saturday!