Hello world! I contemplated for a long time, but finally went with my gut and decided to start my blog. Enough of that though, lets get to it! In an on air interview with The Breakfast Club, 27- year old rapper Kendrick Lamar confirmed he is engaged to his high school sweetheart Whitney Alford. they have been together for 10 years! TEN YEARS PEOPLE! beautiful right? Yes, of course it is because love is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it seems as though a few African American women have created a “lets hate Kendrick Lamar” army due to this new information about his engagement. Why? Well I’ll tell you why, but prepare yourself because it gets a little crazy. Apparently a female took it upon herself to go on a rant on social media. She will go unnamed, but she claimed to “expose” him for being a “self-conscious mother f*cker.” She said she would never supports music because he speaks on black women and how they are a gift from God. He speaks on “the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice;” but since his fiancé is not a dark- skinned woman he is a sell out. This is ignorance at its finest. The woman is black, but since someone decided to create colorism dark skin is the essence of blackness. So if you are a lighter skin complexion, idiots believe you have the privilege of white supremacy. Now have I myself dealt with this before? Yes. I have been told numerous of times “you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl” or “I prefer light skins,” but never in a million years would I feel angry towards women that are not as dark as me. It is actually frustrating to see stuff like this because at the end of they day we are all black. As if we are not already singled out or being targeted, we cannot even create unity amongst one another. Like no, lets not be happy with the fact that he’s marrying the love of his life; lets talk about how she isn’t black enough. Matter of fact, enlighten me on what exactly is black enough. We are entirely to prejudice to our own and it does not make sense to me. Everyday we create more division from our complexion to the texture of our hair. What purpose does this serve? What are we trying to prove here? There’s no superiority in blackness. There’s no being greater in blackness. You’re just black. Why continue to create barriers amongst our own race? I just hope one day we can seriously come together because there is so much more to worry about in this world. Be proud, take pride and conquer the world.