So often I hear, “your generation has completely lost it” or I’m asked “what’s wrong with your generation?” They say all we care about is status & the flashy things. We lack education and have no vision. We would rather read the latest scandal in a magazine, than crack open a textbook. That it takes nothing for us to pull up the latest fight on world star, but shy away when asked about politics. The generation that goes to social events, just to sit on social media the entire time. To an extent this could be true, but this isn’t just our generation. I know plenty of old people so stuck in their awful ways. At this point you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I surround myself with very bright, educated individuals but so many times we have been deemed disrespectful. Now I’ve always been one to research since I knew what research meant. Constantly being told that my generation has lost its intelligence, due to our lack of reading I decided to seek information more. I wasn’t doing it for a “pat on the back,” or gratification from others but to see if I was missing something. To my surprise, all it did was put me in a box. We are labeled as disrespectful, imaginative or a lunatic for not agreeing with what is being done. Yet they told us to educate ourselves right? But now that we can sit and speak logic it’s “disrespectful.” No longer wanting to abide by these bs laws or hidden rules that were set because you see how truly grimy individuals are. You realize that nothing was ever for your benefit and that you were never expected to do the research that you did. You were taught what they wanted you to know so they could keep you close, keep you under control. Because if you knew everything….the truth….you wouldn’t follow. You would take a stand, venture off. But that’s not what they want. Yet that is exactly what is happening. All around the world “our generation,” is finding themselves; but most importantly finding their voice. I think it’s quite evident that we’ve grabbed the concept “be the change you want to see.” It’s hypocritical to shun us for it, but it’s no stopping now. Just remember when you speak on our generation, stop and ask yourself….”who raised them?”