As the Baltimore rioting occurs and everyone shares their opinions on it, I figured I would throw my little two cents in. Because….well, that’s just what I do.


I think it’s insane to see people talking about African Americans not having a reason to be upset. There have been plenty injustices. Like literally COLD HARD EVIDENCE, but the verdict is not what it should be. I could understand how one could feel like the justice system is basically slapping them in the face. Now I do not know honestly what I would do in the situation. I do not know if I would riot or peacefully protest, because honestly it is evident that so far neither is working. In this potentially violent time every one keeps telling individuals to look at the example MLK set. His quiet dignity. His restraint. How he was able to show compassion even under duress. How through it all he STILL got shot in the face. So it is hard for me to even tell an individual faced with such a scenario what to do. There are still innocent children being killed, still unarmed men being killed. Heck, even the women are being taken out. Earlier today a lady said “All this rioting just makes black peoples race look bad.” Others then went on to agree with her. Another guy said “Using death to justify theft and destruction of property is absolutely disgusting.” Now two wrong do not make it right, but where were all these voices when individuals were rioting to Kentucky’s loss in the final four?


Or How about the rioting that occurred when San Francisco Giants won the World Series?


Even when the legendary Coach Paterno was fired at Penn State there was a riot!


But when black people riot, we are a disgrace of a race right? Got it.

It was stated on Fox news that Ferguson was a riot full of thugs, but the individuals that chose to riot after Kentucky’s big loss was a bunch of misunderstood kids. You justify one, but not the other…how? THAT is the point of my post.

I am not picking sides or saying one is more important than the other. Just simply saying it’s baffling to be okay with one and not the other. If the destruction of property is that crucial speak for that when it is done by ANYONE. Because when it only is shunned and frowned upon when African Americans do it, it speaks volumes. Individuals say it is not a color thing, but at the end of the day it is always brought into the equation. We are truly looked at as animals and I do not know why. It is truly disheartening to see this nation going through this, it truly is. But if the tables were turned, honestly what would you do? Again, this is just my opinion on it all.

In the mean time, I’m about to hit these books! It’s finals week for graduating seniors and I am one step closer to changing the world!