Modeling With A Message is a female based platform/brand founded by CEO Kelli Williams. It not only gives women a voice, but highlights the different barriers that women face. These barriers are present in the work place as well as day to day living (discrimination, stereotypes, labeling..etc). As a woman we are told that there are things we can’t do, we can’t say, we can’t wear, we can’t want to be or strive for. We are pulled apart, analyzed, labeled and then placed into this box that we are forbidden to ever leave. Modeling With A Message is that ladder for every woman who seeks to leave this box. This ladder represents ones focus on their aspirations and prosperity. By climbing it, this gives the implication that an individual is working to achieve their goal. Modeling With A Message is a business to empower and give women the push to live out their lifelong dreams.

The vision of Modeling With A Message came to Kelli in 2012, but was not launched until February 2015. After witnessing the death of her first cousin/brother, she went through many transitions. Diagnosed with bipolar depression and attempting to commit suicide several times, Kelli had a break through. In a dream, God blessed her with the vision of Modeling With A Message. This platform was created, not only to fulfill her lifelong goal of becoming a model, but to share her story. Modeling With A Message was created to encourage females that no matter what life throws at you, it is your duty to fulfill your dreams. Make them happen no matter what adversity is brought your way.

“I created Modeling With A Message to consult, inspire, empower, speak, coach and mentor.” 

-Kelli Williams