After the videos of the pool party in McKinney, Texas my heart aches. I have no words, no feelings, my heart just aches. It won’t matter if the full story comes out because those African American children some way will be at fault for the excessive,  unnecessary excessive force. To slam a girl that looked like she barely weighed more than 100 pounds face down in the ground with your knee in her back is unnecessary to me. And no matter what anyone says A GIRL IN A DAMN BIKINI WITH NO WEAPON DOES NOT POSE A THREAT TO BE HANDLED HOW SHE WAS BY A GROWN MAN!

That’s beside the point of my post. What sticks out to me, like literally grabs at me is the fact that people continue to say “don’t break the law, don’t get in trouble.” Let me make something clear for everyone, incase you haven’t noticed that does not apply to everyone. Individuals are so quick to say it’s not a race thing, but it very well is. Have you ever been slammed and handcuffed until your roommate could bring your lease agreement to show that you are a resident of the neighborhood because someone called and said “a suspicious black person was walking on their street?” Doubt it. Have you ever been followed around a night club, then decide to leave because you are uncomfortable just to get slammed on a car outside because the cop thought you throwing up your fraternity sign to your line brother was a gang affiliation? Doubt it. Have you ever been out on a Saturday night with friends and while waiting in a line to get into a bar, be told by a cop to step aside and that the pub down the street was better fitting for your kind? Doubt it.

Why is it that I am told to listen to the officer, stop resisting and nothing will happen when I did nothing to provoke it in the first place?

We Americans can speak up for the gay community or the “brave” transformation from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner; but are silent when it comes to speaking on black people being mistreated, hated and ostracized. I’m sure I will get my usual Facebook and anonymous messages stating “go back to Africa,” but if I learned and read my history correctly; my ancestors did not willingly come over either.

Be great loves and always stand up for what you believe in even if you stand alone.