“One day you will meet the person who will take away the pain you endured for doing all the right things for the wrong people.”

I like to think this is the quote of my life. To this day I can remember being told this seven years ago. High school was cruel, cruel, evil building full of empty people. Friends turned to foes, good girls turned to hoes and anyone would sell their soul for some popularity. I don’t even know why I bothered dating then, such a waste of time. 95% of the people I talked to I hadn’t since I graduated. It was almost like we associated with each other , not necessarily because we had to; but because we saw each other everyday. Failed friendships, failed relationships….only good thing was grades and sports. Of course I knew I would not have any issue with that area. I fell victim to the word forever. Friends used it, “boyfriends” used it. Just pointless. Funny thing about it, nothing changes out of high school either. Not everyone matures how you expect. You’ll still get knives lodged in your back by “friends” and that forever your boyfriend promises comes crashing to an end. Crazy thing is, I actually started thinking I was the issue. For a year, my junior year of college I stopped holding individuals accountable. I self reflected constantly trying to figure out was I the very reasons my friends betrayed me and every guy I dated would always end up cheating. That’s when I remembered the quote.

“One day you will meet the person who will take away the pain you endured for doing all the right things for the wrong people.”

From that day forward I vowed to be myself unapologetically, To be consumed in my own well being and not make others my priority because they wouldn’t do it for me. I vowed to never feel that low again and even though it is still a struggle I can say that I’ve presented less selflessness acts to those who never deserved it in the first place. It honestly sucks always being the good person, but I keep telling myself that one day those individuals will answer to that. Every person who has ever done me wrong, I still do not wish bad on them because honestly their failures, blocked blessings and heartaches do nothing for me. I can say I have forgiven, but I will never forget. The feeling of confusion and emptiness. The feeling of betrayal, being loyal to those who are disloyal to you. It hurts, but you won’t die…..well at least I didn’t. Like they say, “If Britney Spears can make it through 2007, you can make it through this.”

Every person you meet will either be a lesson or a blessing and everyone will hurt you. You just have to decipher who is who and if they are worth suffering for.

Tata for now, stay true to you.