“That’s pretty much how we get through our own lives, watching television. Smoking crap. Self-medicating. Redirecting our attention. Jacking off. Denial.”

There are a lot of events that are occurring in the world that are so disheartening.

We live in a world that judges you off of your skin color for a job and not off of your GPA or work experience.

Where we praise the transformation from man to woman, but get made fun of for being abstinent.

Where people shame you for trying to spread knowledge to others because it doesn’t fit the lies that they have been living.

We live in a world that takes pride in posting fight videos so that they can go viral instead of stopping it.

Where bullying is cool and having feelings or a heart is frowned upon.

Where body shaming is at an all time high, but people turn around and wonder why at such a young age girls have low self-esteem.

Where racism clearly still exists, but people will discount it every time even when evidence is right in their face.

We live in a world that tells you to be yourself, but then judges you for it.

Where standing up for what you believe in is wrong and having an opinion is atrocious.

Where parents confront the teachers for their child’s bad grades & not their child.

Where people only root for you as long as you aren’t doing better than them.

We live in a world that judges individuals off of their outer appearance and not who they are.

Where no one wants to work for what they get and everyone is looking for a handout.

Where if you’re young with a child you’re shunned, but if you’re young without one someone is screaming “your maternal clock is ticking.”

We live in a world that expects you to have your life all figured out in your 20’s, but people are really just finding themselves.

Where women shouldn’t aspire to be a lawyer, doctor or business woman; they should only aspire to be a wife.

Where they tell you to express yourself, but only under these guidelines.

I used to be proud of the world I lived in, but lately I’ve seen myself do more face palms than anything. What we praise & shun is baffling to me. The world has truly changed & it is far from the better. Individuals don’t take the time to educate themselves, so many people are often mislead. We would rather judge a situation then try to understand because it doesn’t fit in this ideal world you thought you were living in. To be quite honest this place is pretty horrendous and what’s sickening is everyone has the opportunity to make a difference, but often what others will think of you stops one from doing so. Instead, we choose to continue to spread hate. We choose to criticize, ostracize and belittle individuals who just want to be heard. Shun individuals who just want to be understood.

My heartbreaks. Not because I’ve faced adversity, not because I’ve been shunned or ostracized; but because as humans we choose to continue to be blind to what is going on. We continue to make excuses for individuals who were aware of their wrong doing. We continue to be in denial and try to sweep stuff under the rug like that’ll make it go away. Unfortunately, one day it’ll all come full circle and those who did nothing will answer to it.

“The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma.”