So since Beyoncé dropped her Lemonade video that’s all I’ve heard/ read from 191763932688 different people.  Though I did interpret something much different (I don’t care to expand on it because I’m just not a fan) it brought a lot of questions to mind. Usually I don’t post blogs seeking comments or feedback, but I’m hoping to receive that today. When I begin to speak on the double standards don’t think that I’m wanting the same for myself, I’m just curious.

Often I have been told men can do things off the radar and it is okay because “they are a man.” From cheating, to just sleeping with a million people while they’re single (I am not speaking for all men, stay with me here). So many times I’ve heard “well that’s just how the world works.” Even after they get it together, get into a serious relationship, marry and have children there are still things that society lets skate for them but not for women. Why is that? Again, I don’t ask because I’m seeking equality but seeking a better understanding. Today on the radio headed to work this morning the host said:

“All I’m saying is if your man messes up and you don’t take him back that shows you are weak.”

How is that so? How come the man who fell to temptation is not portrayed as the weak one?

As a woman there are so many things we are told we can’t do. I decided to compile a list of the double standards I notice reoccurring:

1. Women are expected to forgive and accept cheating over and over.

2. Society frowns upon women who chase their dreams rather than aspiring to be a wife and mother…..only.

3. When a woman has a child even if she goes out once a month she will be deemed a bad mother. No one says anything about numerous boys night outs on the other hand.

4. If a woman cheats, it has to be emotional there’s no way that she’s doing it “just because.” As oppose to men, it’s never emotional (which I believe is a lie).

5. & lastly, if a woman cheats in her relationship there’s no second chances for her (Heck I’ve seen women lose a relationship for having lunch with a co worker that she wasn’t even interested in).
I reiterate, I’m not posting this for women empowerment or the fight for equality; I’m writing this seeking answers. & I know not all men are like this so don’t take this as an attack. I’m solely going off of personal experiences and the common experiences that many women have spoke of.