So earlier this week I read a blog that basically rubbed me the wrong way. Like that feel of complete filth. As much as I tried to have an open mind to it, it still came off as one of those “black people are subhumans” type of articles. I read it multiple times, then sent it to friends making sure that I was not crazy. They very well confirmed that I was not. The title of this post was “When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband.” I originally planned to leave the link to this post, but it was deleted by “author’s request,” (as it should). As I it here now I am just mind boggled. Seriously trying to wrap my mind around the entire concept. Why in 2016, there is a step guide to “what happens when your caucasian daughter brings an African American man home” is even a thing.

You see, Gaye Clark prayed to God to send her daughter Anna a godly, kind husband. Though her daughter did get what she asked for a devoted Christian, hard worker and mentor she just could not see passed the fact that he was a black man. Oh let me not forget to mention that he had dreadlocks as well.  I guess that makes it even worse. In her post she told parents if this happened to them to “be open-minded, be patient with bigoted family members, forge a good relationship with the groom’s family and ultimately to remember heaven’s demographics.” Reading it made my stomach turn, It was almost like a guide on how to cure yourself of the plague. It screamed “Unfortunately, you were born black but we will figure out a way to stomach the thought of you being with our white daughter. You’re welcome,” As if we are looking for the gratification. It breaks my heart to know that I soon will have to bring a BLACK child into this world full of individuals who have this mentality. To know that no matter what I teach them I cannot save them from this cruel world. How can you love someone and still subconsciously put them inferior to you? How can you look at your significant other that way all because of the color of their skin? African Americans are not a fetish, we are not trophies. Loving your caucasian child’s spouse does not fix racism. The article came off as “my daughter bringing a black man home is like having a baby with down syndrome. You really didn’t want that, but you’re going to love it anyway.”

A small, piece of the article I found stated:

“All ethnicities are made in the image of God, have one ancestor, and can trace their roots to the same parents, Adam and Eve. As you pray for your daughter to choose well, pray for your eyes to see clearly, too. Glenn moved from being a black man to beloved son when I saw his true identity as an image bearer of God, a brother in Christ, and a fellow heir to God’s promises.”

So here she implies that it would not have required the same mental stability to see a white male as her son-in law. She would not have felt it was necessary to do the absolute most, but since he was an African American she had no choice.

This article was scary to read. Not just because of the actual words, but the fact that it received so may “great post” in the comment section. It’s baffling because people really see nothing wrong in this. You have seriously dehumanized an individual because of their skin color, but think because you’ve accepted who they are, that you are doing the world a favor. Then to top it all off people are more concerned about being gentle towards this woman, telling African Americans they have no right to be outraged. Completely disregarding what she said.

When will America undo what divides black reality from everyone else’s?

I don’t expect everyone to understand, simply because individuals will not understand something they will NEVER go through. Devaluing African American lives is something that continues to occur and no matter what great things you do with your life whether you get a million degrees or start a million businesses this world will always remind you that you are still b l a c k .