……and whoever else agrees with her not so intelligent remarks.

My mother always told me, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all.” Well sorry mom, there are some trolls that need to be checked. I tried and tried to let it slide, but this one I cannot sit out on.  It’s one thing to educate people, but to do things for likes, retweets and a reaction is another. Now I will not analyze every single thing that has come out of her mouth (because it isn’t worth it), but some stuff needs to be further explained.  Because typical media outlets only give one part of every thing (this is expected).

Individuals were so on edge about Jessie Williams’ speech, but completely missed the memo on “not speaking on what doesn’t concern you.” He reiterated this numerous of times, but yet there are still individuals who believe they can tell me how I feel or how I should feel. Yes there are African Americans who have been wrong. They have committed crimes and should very well have to face the consequences. I have never said otherwise. My issue has been that no one deserves to be executed like a dog. Oh wait, did I say dog? My mistake, cause it’s evident that animals seem to be more important than AA lives. As I’ve watched the videos of these AA men and women shot down in cold blood, this fear comes over me. It makes me wonder if this same fear that overcomes me, is what my ancestors felt as they were forced to watch their mother, father, sister or brother be lynched. With all the videos, photos and witnesses we continue to discredit stereotypes/racism every time.


Tomi Lahren mentioned the B.E.T. awards as well as its meaning, said it was racist and what if caucasians had “White Entertainment Television?” *confused face* News flash baby girl, the reason Black Entertainment Television was started is because minority groups were poorly represented in the media. This is due to the fact that popular media always tried to appeal to the largest number of people possible–the majority. TV producers did not want AA’s on their television. When they were excluded, the minorities created parallel institutions of their own. That is not racism, but simply a reasonable response. That’s like going to a team, busting your butt yet never getting playing time. Who in the world wants to do that? Definitely not me.

“Why do y’all have to have HBCU’s? That’s racist!” *crickets* Well ma’am, that is what happens when African Americans are not granted admissions into PWI’s. They were established to serve the educational needs of black Americans. I mean seriously, you have a smart phone. At this point I’m just convinced you want a reaction because you could’ve googled that.

“I never hear the Native Americans complain this much, they went through just as much as African Americans did.” Well maybe because they only represent 1.7% of the population.  I mean seriously, does the Indian War ring a bell? Small pox? Wounded Knee? Perhaps googling Christopher Columbus would be a great start.

“Africans Americans are so ungrateful, we fought a civil war for you.” Crack open a book and tell me why the civil war began. Though I appreciate that one of the groups felt as though slavery was terrible (which it was),  I don’t believe my ancestors just jumped on that boat singing kumbaya to the North American colony of Jamestown.

“Don’t break the law and you won’t get hurt.” Oh really lets see here… what about Tanisha Anderson? Yvette Smith? Rekia Boyd? Aiyana Stanley- Jones? Tarika Wilson? Kathryn Johnston? Alberta Spruill? This list could go on, but the thought that I can go on forever is making me sick to my stomach so I think I will stop there.

“What about black on black crime?” Cut the crap. Seriously. This line is old and washed up. This term is a myth. It was created to give the idea that the real problem is not the judicial system, but the fact that African Americans do not value their own lives. Affirming the viewpoint that African Americans all have equal opportunity, but we are setback by our own behavior. Intraracial crimes are a thing. Everyone is quick to bring up this so called “black on black” crime, but completely overlook everyone else. Look it up.

“Why can’t yall be more like MLK?” May he rest in power, but when you say be more like him is this after or before he was shot in the face? We have seen clear as day what his “quiet dignity, his restraint and compassion” got him.

I say all this not in frustration, not even an outcry of attention, but to literally make people understand how much of a troll that they can be. How crucial it is for you to have an understanding of what is going on before you choose to scream your stupidity to the streets. How important it is to realize that you should never have the audacity to tell someone that they are being dramatic, when these demons they encounter…you never will.


“The thing is, though, that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.”

-Jesse Williams