Recently I had a coworker who passed away. How he passed away is irrelevant, but I am willing to tell anyone how he passed if that will give me some answers to what I am about to tell you.

Yesterday evening, I got a missed phone call from a number that was not saved in my phone. It looked familiar and I felt as though it was a number that I used before. I figured it was someone that I worked with who was calling me, so I decided to call my job and ask them to look the number up on our contact list. Apparently we had taken the contact list down so he couldn’t look it up. My coworker then let me know if I really needed to know whose number it was, I could copy the number, go to Facebook and plug it into the Facebook search. So that’s exactly what I did. Palms sweating, my heart just dropped to my butt. I could not believe my eyes. The number belonged to my deceased coworker. I put my phone down and I just set back in my chair. I probably sat there for a good 10 minutes. I then messaged another one of my coworkers and let them know what was going on. Completely spooked I tried to just ignore what I just saw. Of course that did not last long, after talking to two other coworkers, I decided to call the number back.

The phone rings once, the phone rings twice….the phone rings three times. At this moment part of me was relieved that no one answered. I am not sure if I truly wanted to know who would have answered on the other line, then…..booom….someone picks up. This is how the conversation went:

Person on the other line: Hello (I kid you not, it sounded justtttttt like him)

Me: Hey, I just got a missed call from this number.

Person on the other line: Yeah

Me: *Says coworkers name* (I am going to leave his name out of it just for respect to him and his family, may his soul rest in peace)

Person on the other line: Yeah?

At this moment my hands are shaking, I can’t breathe. I am shook….then the phone starts making static noise so I hang up.

Now at this time I’m really creeped out. I’m looking at my phone like it’s possessed. I seriously cannot believe what just happened. So what do I do? I call again. This time it rings two times before it is answered with static.

I am well aware numbers get recycled, but since he hasn’t been deceased that long I feel as though it would be too soon.

Part of me just wants to know that maybe someone else has already been issued this number, but why wouldn’t they have corrected me when I called them by my coworkers name? Another part of me just wants someone to be trying to play a really sick game and let me emphasize on just how sick this is if someone is truly playing on his phone. Then of course, yet another part of me is actually interested in knowing is this one of those “lingering spirits” I have read out before.

If anyone has ever experienced anything like this I would love any input. I have never experienced something like this, though I have read about it before. I know the first thing to do is for me to calm down and not see it as a bad thing but it’s so hard to not be spooked. I just pray that he is resting peacefully.