This moment has really come. I had all the time in the world to prepare myself, but I am still hanging on. President of the people. Yes we can and yes we did. 8 years ago you made history and changed the outlook for many individuals, especially our youth. You brought much more to the White House and this country than any President has. Your poise, your dignity, your grace and your dedication in the face of unprecedented hatred remained untouched. Though no matter what you did, you couldn’t please everyone; you still stood tall…..unshaken. President Obama, you didn’t just have yourself to offer. You didn’t just bring your Ivy League education, well spoken, scandal free self. You had a wife that matched your steez and two beautiful daughters who will go on to do great things as well. One of which who will attend Harvard next fall. 

Oh but Michelle, the greatest FLOTUS I have ever known. The first African American First Lady in the White House. Holding not one, but TWO Ivy League degrees. Michelle hands down is the best to ever do it. She launched “Lets Move,” to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity. She passed The School Lunch Program providing free and reduced priced meals to more than 21 million low income children requiring more fruit, veggies, grains, low protein and low fat dairy products. She even had certain restaurant chains change the kids menu to healthier choices. She launched Let Girls Learn, to help girls around the the world go to school and stay in school. Calling all countries across the globe to help educate and empower young women. I could go on and on about the great things she has done, but that isn’t necessary. You can look up the continued greatness on your own. My President reciprocated the same greatness. Passing Healthcare Reform, Stimulus, Wall Street Reform which re-regulated financial sectors after its practices caused the Great Depression. He ended the war in Iraq, turned around the Auto Industry, recapitalized banks in the midst of financial crisis and repealed the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. I reiterate, I could go on and on about this man…his wife… this First Family. So many disrespected you, some couldn’t recognize your worth or see the obstacles you overcame but that didn’t stop you from being one of the greatest Presidents ever. 

Your family, our First Family continued to flourish. These last 8 years I am grateful for. To be able to witness such history is an honor. Not just because you were the first African American President, but because amongst all the adversity you never folded. You had to prove so much to this country, yet you did it with such eloquence. You could have gotten angry but instead you turned the other cheek. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the outcome of this presidential race that has commenced, but I’m going to continue to strive for everything as planned. And by no means am I disappointed in the fact that we didn’t elect our first female president. I am not even mad that our new president continues to categorize minorities as if we are the plague (because that’s been happening since the beginning of time), I’m disappointed in the lack of accountability. The double standards. We bring someone in with no experience who brings in more inexperienced individuals. It’s frustrating because I watched this country question if Obama was an American, I watched as they questioned his patriotism, his education, his experience. Yet these same individuals have the nerve to tell us to give Trump a chance. And no, two wrongs don’t make it right so I won’t go on being disrespectful like many people did for the last 8 years. I’m going to let it be. But it burns my soul to see a man have to work twice as hard, to be twice as good for individuals to continue being so disrespectful. As an American, I won’t pray for Trump to screw up because we all sink. Say what you will, but Obama did not come into the White House with the best of conditions so I won’t complain about what he didn’t do or fell short of. He was a man of the people, he was a man for the people. “It’s the story that I witness every single day, when I wake up in a house that was built by slaves, and I watch  my daughters- two beautiful, black young women head off to school, waving goodbye to their father, The President of the United States. While I think it’s fair to say that our Founding Fathers never would have imagined this day…as you are the fruits of their labor. Their legacy is very much your legacy.” 

Thank you Mr. O. Thank you for your family. Heck, thank you for the Biden Family. You can come to any cookout you want. lol But seriously, this has been great and as much as it saddens me to see you leave, I’m happy y’all no longer have to carry the weight, the burden and the stress. God Bless your family and May God Bless America. 

“They tried to bury us, they didn’t know that we were seeds.”