Friend: if you had one image to describe 2016, what would it be?


Pictured from left to right: Me vs 2016. 

Oh 2016, I must say that I am glad to see you go. You did not live up to the hype I created for you. I lost family members, parted ways with friends and my relationship was tried. Graduate school was nothing but the devil, (though I did get my 4.0 that I claimed in the beginning) my research had me ready to rip this 4C natural hair right from my scalp. It was truly a trying time, faith shaken but not stirred…you just gotta go. Now don’t get me wrong I am alive, I am healthy and for that I am grateful but 2016 is definitely not in my Top 5. 

One time for my sisters though! I do believe they are referring to this year as “The Year of Black Girl Magic.” Warsan Shire, Simone Bile, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Simone Manuel, Marley Dias, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth French, Issa Rae, Ruth Negga, Leslie Jones, Tracee Ellis Ross….the list goes on! I hope you take the time to look up some of the names I have listed. READ IT AND WEEP. We are breaking glass ceilings, pushing through the adversity and crushing the stereotypes that this world continues to try and force us to accept. We are a force to be reckoned with, adjust that crown and strut.

So what do I look forward to in the year 2017? New experiences, new journeys, new people, new places and new food. Taking risk, stepping out of my comfort zone, marketing myself more and removing any content cell out of my body. To love more, be more passionate and surround myself with individuals who have the juice and not the tea. Do you feel me? I hate to drop the cliche line of “2017 is my year,” but I truly believe that it is. It’s the breaking point of greatness for ya girl! When I think of the opportunities that will be laid before me, I compare it to that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see your server coming with your food. YAS, that feeling! lol

My advice for the New Year for any individual who is as stinking indecisive as I am, no matter what always take a chance on you. Always invest in you and always be you no matter the circumstances. For years I struggled with people feeling like I was always too much of something. Too smart, too blunt, too sarcastic, too competitive, too black, too raw, too real. I found myself trying to tone it down for fear of making others uncomfortable, when in reality the only person I made uncomfortable was myself. I remember a quote I read on Instagram, not too long ago it stated:

Now if i ever loss someone for having too much depth, for having too much soul, for having standards too high, for daydreaming too big, for putting work before play, for keeping it real, for loving too hard, for pushing them to see that the grass is only green where you water it…..Then the loss was not mine to begin with. 

I type all of that to say, if they do not like how you are coming, save yourself, tell them to leave. It’s okay to outgrow people, it is okay to choose you.

To the individuals who have supported me, loved me and played a part in who I am today I am forever grateful for you. I look forward to the memories that we will create in the years to come. For any new visitors on my blog, new subscribers, old subscribers and my old faithfuls may 2017 bring you joy, happiness, wealth, health, strength, faith and ultimately love. We were brought on this earth to l o v e .

Have a Happy New Year,

Desiree S. Dawson