Caleb Hatcher is an Alumni of Southern University and A&M College. LGHI is an apparel brand he started July 20, 2014. LGHI stands for Let God Handle It.

“This isn’t just for the religious; it’s a movement for those who seek only to succeed in whatever they do.”

Growing up with a strong religious foundation, due to his deep family roots and tight-knit upbringing; religion was never forced but used as a platform. Watching family and friends lose their lives to the streets, it became clear to Caleb that he had to seek a higher power to see him through his trials, tribulations and achievements. “By constantly growing my faith and expanding my personal goals, I had a successful pro baseball and college career.”

The logo was inspired by his grandmother. Every time he was frustrated or irritated he would call his grandmother and she would say “It’s in God’s hands. Hurry up and do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do. God’s in control.” It was from there that he began telling himself to “Let God Handle It.” Whether he was lifting himself up from the stress of school, baseball or the stress that life can bring in general, this was his motto. I had the honor, of attending college with Caleb and I support this movement. Let God Handle It!

Check out his website where you are sure to find a snapback or dad cap that you will love. He also will be dropping a spring/summer collection so stay tuned!


Instagram: @shoplghi