Ayanna C. Spivey is a Baton Rouge, LA native raised in Moreno Valley, Ca. With a reigning legacy, she is the 3rd generation Southern University and A&M College graduate preceded by both parents and her paternal grandmother. While in undergrad Ayanna was very active in student government and had the opportunity to be initiated into the Alpha Tau Chapter, of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Inc. She also served as the 83rd Miss Southern University and A&M College. With all of those experiences came the inspiration behind We Are Educated, LLC. Throughout college, every winter or summer break, Ayanna took the time to go back to her old high school and talk to classes about the importance of college prep and her overall college experience at an HBCU. That was the initial spark that not only ignited the start of WAE, but what lead her into the career choice of working in higher education.

HBCU’s are a vital piece of education. I don’t say this because I am a graduate of one, but because of the physiological and social liberation I achieved being in a predominantly black space. Economically, socially and politically we continue to see how precarious black life is in America, so settings like HBCU’s are essential. We don’t need less spaces like these, we need more. Black lives matter and so do the institutions and communities that have nurtured and developed these lives. No institution will better acknowledge the civil rights and equality more than a historically black college. 

The mission of We Are Educated, LLC is to preserve the legacy and heritage of HBCUs by inspiring the youth and elevating the black community through service and promoting higher learning and the ultimate college experience wish a primary focus on high school students in urban areas. Our main goal is to provide scholarships to students attending HBCUs to help alleviate the costs of books and tuition. We primarily raise money through selling t-shirts where all the proceeds will go towards these scholarships. In 2016, we were able to raise about 1200 dollars for two students attending Howard University and Southern University and A&M College. 

WAE hopes to double the amount of scholarships and the recipients in 2017. If you love your  HBCU, support this movement. If you have a friend who attended or is currently attending an HBCU, support this movement. If you believe in the power and strength of higher education, support this movement. 

Shirts are available for purchase for $20 plus S&H and crew neck sweatshirts are available for purchase for $30 plus S&H. School colors are available for preorder. All proceeds will go towards scholarships for students attending HBCU’s. 

Instagram: @weareeducatedllc 

Facebook: We Are Educated, LLC. 

Contact: weareeducated@gmail.com