Five days ago Jussie Smollett, American actor, singer, songwriter and producer spoke to my soul in his new heart wrenching music video F.U.W. The acronym standing for F*cked Up World. No exaggeration, it brought tears to my eyes. So busy trying to complete my final semester of graduate school and prepare for  graduation, I’ve managed to drown out the noise for the most part lately. This video took me back a bit though. It made me start reading more on what is going on. So there I was scrolling, hoping to see some type of humanity being restored but unfortunately it seems like things are getting worse. In the beginning of the song he says:

“Grown men killing babies. Who am I to say, you can make them nameless. Another hashtag today.” 

I had to stop and start the video over. Instantly names came flowing in my head. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Jeremy Mardis, Keith Vidal, Aiyanna Jones…All the parents robbed of watching their children grow. All the children being robbed of first school dances, prom, high school graduation, first day of college. It hurts. Another line in the song states:

“Why are we back in the past? It’s the same script, different cast.”

I cannot disagree with this line. We have women begging for equality still….. in the year 2017. Men picking over our body, trying to tell us what we can and can’t do with it. Black lives trying to validate their existence still….. in the year 2017. Grown men taunting women and ripping their hijabs from their head. Pushing this God awful agenda on what these racist bigots think an “American” looks like. Hawaii hate occurring from other Americans because a judge there feels that Trump’s revised travel ban violates a constitutional prohibition against religious discrimination. Adults making post with hashtag #BoycottHawaii as if we don’t have enough crime to be ashamed of on American soil, done by Americans to Americans. I mean seriously, let’s talk about. I constantly see Americans so concerned with the individuals who come here, but look at what we do to our own. Well that’s if you like researching because we have the tendency to rewrite textbooks and movie scripts with some good old alternative facts. The Trail of Tears, The Dred Scott Decision, Interment Camps, Black Wall Street, Emmit Till, Freedom Riders and The Color Line. I want ya’ll to look some of those up. I know I usually will give you a short summary on the things that I mention, but I want you all to look up these events, see the photos, the statistics. Get that sick feeling in your stomach and want to be different from that, be better than that. I know what some of you are thinking “that was so long ago, why is she bringing that up still?” Fair enough. Here are some more recent events for you to look up: Colorado Springs Shooting, Charleston S.C. Shooting, The Orlando Massacre, Standing Rock… the list goes on. So many “terroristic” acts done to Americans by Americans. Not to mention FLINT MICHIGAN STILL DOES NOT HAVE CLEAN WATER.

In the video you will see black-and-white imagery of women in hijab, a black male standing in front of a noose, border patrol vans and “refugees welcome” signs, and a word cloud with phrases like “white power,” “alternative facts,” “Mexican rapist” and “black lives matter.”

The most striking visual was a figure in a wheelchair running over a Trump mask, splitting it into pieces. While I thought it was representing something along the lines of Trump’s lack of respect for the disabled it actually represented the false idea of patriotism. The mask stood as the respresentation of the idea of white privilege. “It’s what he represents, and it’s because of that representation, that’s why he’s the President of The United States currently.” 

 “This song is for the oppressed. That’s why I feel like people will connect with it because it is very broad, oppression is so broad.” 

F.U.W. Chorus:

It’s a f*cked up world (yes it is)

Here we are in it

I ain’t going nowhere

‘Til we’re finished

It’s a f*ucked up world

Here we are in it

I aint going nowhere

‘Til we’re finished 

These words are so powerful. I see the awful things that are occurring everyday.  I know that I am expected to fold and accept the things that they want me to believe that I cannot change but I refuse. We refuse and so should you. We call ourselves weeding out non-Americans from those who are, all the while creating barriers between Americans. Videos of 5th grade students chanting “build a wall,” but you want this country to come together?

Jussie Smollet sings:

“Build a wall, it won’t keep us from loving each-other. Rewrite the laws, it won’t keep us from loving each-other.” 

No matter what hate agenda you push, it will not cloud the judgement of us all. I don’t walk the great round with insecurities of myself, so I don’t need to break down others to feel good. I don’t feel the need to walk on egg shells because my neighbor has a different skin color than me or his hair is not as coarse as mine. I don’t feel any type of way about a woman in a hijab or feel the need to tell someone speaking Spanish to speak English. That is their right. That is their culture. So give your hate speeches, target your so called enemies, but in the end….LOVE will always w i n. 

” In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Link to music video: F.U.W. By Jussie Smollett