It’s been almost two weeks since I heard the news. Completely turned this community upside down. I try not to question God, but I’m still battling with my mind and my heart to accept this. Jeremy McNeal. He had a smile that would light up a room, a star personality, a heart of gold and faith that could move a mountain. Jeremy was the epitome of a true leader. In the class room, on the field and in his community. I think that’s the very reason that I’m battling with this loss so much. It made me realize that anyone can go at any time. I’ve constantly took those around me for granted assuming they will always be here. So many times I’ve sent that “we need to get lunch” text yet it never happened. So many “we will get together soon” and “I’ll keep in touch” text, that I never followed through on. It’s an uneasy feeling to ponder on. You never want to think about the day you will have to live without a loved one, but it happens. It made me realize that I’m not entitled to the next 24 hours and I need to seize the day. Jeremy always went hard, always lived every moment to the fullest and I truly believe that’s what made him unique. That is what made him the true legend that he is. You couldn’t come into contact with Jeremy and not leave a better version of yourself. This loss has been true hardship, but the impact Jeremy left will live forever. Legends never die.

Rest in paradise J. You really shook me with this one, but I vow to live like tomorrow isn’t promised from this day forward. Fly high.

“A great man is one who leaves others at a loss after he is gone.” – Paul Vallery

Art by: Brandon Allred @brandonallredart